Pan American games in full swing

 The Pan American games are still in full swing and the expo is dedicated to be the home for the international press for the games . Mexico has won a number of gold medals and the city has been wonderfully organized to receive people from around the world to enjoy and to participate in the games . There are still many days to go for the games which will end October 31st . And then then the expo will be open for its next event .

September 14 to 17 ,2011 Anesthesiologist meeting

the Mexican federation of Anesthesiologists Meet September 14th to the 17th at Expo Guadalajara . Newly published papers , talks and other advancements in the field of Anesthesiology will be presented .

  there web page to find out more information about the event and the association of Mexican Anesthesiologists I believe it is only in spanish  . As always Casa de las flores B and B is trying to assist our visitors if I can be of any assistance personally you can call free from canada and the united states by dialing

1 – 888 – 582 – 4896