Expo Guadalajara Expo’s Calendar of Expo Events

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           Guadalajara Expo Events

These dates are subject to change I am trying to offer a brief interpretation of the event and to let you know  if it is a product show , educational event , or group or association confrence. 

 Please investigate further on the Spanish side of the lists you can use terms to look up specific shows and some have English translation and some do not .

 to contact the expo directly and location

PERSONA DE CONTACTO Rodrigo Sarjanovich Tesio
DIRECCION Av. Mariano Otero No.1499 , 44550 – Guadalajara – JALISCO, México
HORARIO DE ATENCION AL PUBLICO 9:00 – 14:00; 16:00 – 19:00



contact person  Rodrigo Sarjanovich Tesio 
 expo address Av. Mariano Otero No.1499 , 44550 – Guadalajara – JALISCO, México 
office hours could mean call reception hours   9:00 – 14:00; 16:00 – 19:00





September  2011


  24 to 25 Bridal expo
  26 to 28  clothing and fashion expo for spring and summer products MDM
  28 to 30 a varied group of businesses in Jalisco that offer solutions and support to businesses 




01 al 03 Expo Nacional Ferretera                            
07 al 09 XXVII Expo Internacional RUJAC 2011        
14 al 17 Congreso de Anestesiologia                                       
15 al 19 Expo Muebles Placencia                                           
21 al 23 XV Exposicion y Venta ANAM                                
21 al 23 Construexpo 2011                                                    
22 al 24 Expo Joven                                                               
24 al 25 Expo Tu Boda                                                           
26 al 28 MDM Primavera-Verano                                           
28 al 30 Expo Proveduria Empresarial                                     

October 2011

  04 to 07 expo jewelry
  05 to 07  national electricians congress
  06 to 08  international design – Fest
  08 to 09 real-estate and homes expo
  10 to 09 Mexico funeral Expo
  14 to 30 official press center for the pan American games 2011      




04 al 07 Expo Joya 2011                                        
05 al 07 XI Congreso Nacional Eléctricos 2011 
06 al 08 Desing Fest                                            
08 al 09 Expo Casas y Terrenos                      
10 al 11 Expo Mexico Funerario                         
14 al 30 Centro Oficial de Prensa y Medios de Juegos Panamericanos 2011


November 2011


  05 to 06 expo for girls 15th birthday events ( sweet 16 )                                                 
  06 to 08  Global publicity policy summit
  16 to 18  Transportation Expo ANPACT 2011
   26 Nov. to 04 Dec. international book fair


05 al 06 Expo Espacio 15         
06 al 08 Global Publiciy Policy Summit 2011 
16 al 18 Expo Transporte ANPACT 2011 
26 Nov al 04 Dic Feria Internacional del Libro 2011


December  2011


  10 to 11   not sure         
  10 to 11 congress of comic artists and writers and science fiction
  17 to 18 Pet expo





10 al 11 Expo Vivan Los Niños         
10 al 11 Concomics Artist
17 al 18 Expo Mascotas